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Christian counseling Oak Park, IL 60302 by Chicago. On this page of the website, I am sharing thoughts on corona virus. Whole states on "lockdown," hundreds of thousands of Americans having died, millions dead worldwide. Do you know anyone who feels on edge? In fact, most people feel on edge.

How do I know? Well, some say so! Others are, right now, showing it. More conflict in the home, more opinions and anger against people in the news, and equally, an energy or antsiness. People stuck indoors, feeling bored. Why? We are being confronted with ourselves. Our daily routines are shaken, and one can only watch so many movies in one day. The recurrent question is, "How much longer of all this, and when can I just go back to doing what I want?"

But acknowledged or not, the question lurking behind it is, "Who am I?" There is a deeper reason we are antsy, uncomfortable with ourselves. The corona virus exposes what has always been true--our lives, the world, are not as they were made to be. In fact, there is a God so close, so involved in your life, that He could bring the peace you crave. If you perceive Him far off, it might be that you have not come to Him on His terms. His terms are that you have hurt Him, you rebel (sin) against Him, and that is totally not ok. One offense against someone so holy earns us a lack of peace, even punishment forever. Therefore, you have a massive need. Massive. Can you feel it? But as extreme as that seems, His terms include His rescue, even more massive. More extreme! He came to earth as a man, Jesus Christ, and died for you. For you! In the Bible, He said this more than pays for all of the sin. Best friends now! Accepted, free! But only if you value it, respond to it: His terms include exchanging your headship over your life for His headship. It is not enough to just believe I am doing a good enough job being a great person. That does not bring a full peace to all of your life, because it is not reality (just ask your spouse!). But instead, you can accept His offer, starting right now, by telling Him that you do. If you do so, then go ahead--start your new identity: tell people your decision, talk to God (pray), and listen to Him (including, know Him more and more in reading the Bible).

Services at Pathway are not targeted at converting people to faith. But I have inserted my thoughts on corona above to show you a little of me . . . and to see whether God might be reaching into you a little, just in you reading this! Would you be willing to ask Him whether He is?

See also the Marriage counseling and Other counseling pages. Pathway has provided caring counseling for 20+ years, with many hundreds served. If you are having unwanted emotions, marital challenges, or tough circumstances, you can make that phone call!

Research shows that a majority of Americans who come to a counselor would like to incorporate their spiritual beliefs into the counseling. Yet, most counselors do not present this as an option. But at Pathway, whether to draw upon one's spiritual life is up to the client - some wish to, others not. I offer a Christian perspective to those who say they want this. "Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" (Ps.119:105).

As for this picture of a compass, I pray that coming to Pathway might help you on the path to find "true north" in your life!