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Marriage love feelings, fresh like the sunrise
By James Quandt, LCSW
Oak Park, IL
The science of good marriage research most recently talks a lot about healing and building the marital bond.

Counseling at Pathway may help those marrieds who are happy, to launch greater marital growth, aiming to help them grow more love feelings. But also, it might help couples at odds to create new experiences together.
Thinking well in marriage
By James Quandt, LCSW
Oak Park, IL
In marriage, what do you think are the most important things to do? Is it reigning in selfish or unhelpful thinking? Or communication? Or, if you are a person of faith, do you think it's praying together?

Over time, more and more research confirms that good thinking about each other helps husband and wife, and that this thinking is shaped a lot by their experiences together.
What in marriage counseling help 'em
By James Quandt, LCSW
Oak Park, IL
If marital counseling was like a board meeting, or just a friendly chat, it might be simple. But when there is hurt and bad thinking, and sometimes two people with these at the same time, it can get sticky!

Some literature in the counseling fields suggests a very small amount of the growth made by couples in counseling is due to specifics of the approaches used in the counseling. Rather, it is suggested, the degree of hope that a couple holds is the greatest determinant. A capable counselor may be helpful in instilling hope. Here are some other variables in whether the couple might receive the help and grow.
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