James Quandt Music

This music CD, Out of the Blues, available for the general public.  Music genre: Chicago Blues  Its release date was February 4, 2022 - exciting!!
Eleven songs written by James Quandt, with faith and love in every song, driving, upbeat.  Recorded with seven studio musicians in-studio in Michigan, and mastered in Canada, this album communicates and is catchy! 

Cost: any donation for a single copy is accepted, recommended $15.

Listen online on all major platforms. Just type in: James Quandt, Out of the Blues.

Supplies may be limited of physical CD's.  Order by text or phone call to 708-445-9330.

This is a way to hear James's heart, and perhaps the heart of the God about whom he sings!

Also now available, James's autobiography! Published in March 2022, Rags to Riches: Music and My Story traces James's life and music, forming a backdrop for his CD Out of the Blues and his counseling work, it shows a life changed by God, and a unique career before James knew anything of counseling. . .

Available in the same manner as the CD, above.

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