Other counseling

Individual counseling in Oak Park 60302 No new clients, sorry! Pathway will be closing.

Whether for grief counseling, anxiety, or other issues, about half of people coming to Pathway are coming alone. Some of these are addressing marriage, but others aren't married or are dealing with other issues, often important ones. They have decided that the issues really need some attention, and especially, they don't want the impact to continue or worsen!

Many who come are not having a problem per se, but simply want to grow amidst some life situation. One heartening thing I get to see is this: it really is the motivated and the humble who decide to make that phone call and come in. I say heartening because I greatly respect each person who visits Pathway. And who has that kind of humility, to let another person in on private decisions or other things? How much better the world would be if more people had this quality!

I work with adults. I have broad experience in my 20+ years in the counseling fields. I have worked with "slight momentary afflictions" but also with disabling pathologies. From anxiety to grief to parenting, I have seen many people's sufferings up close. Yet also, I have seen so many overcome adversities! I have broad training, and a diverse resume. Nonetheless, as no one can be expert in all things, I will counsel according to the ethical standard--referring elsewhere when I might not be best equipped to attempt helping a person.

Here are some issues I address:
- Adult children
- Anxiety
- Career
- Co-dependency
- Forgiveness and reconciliation
- Grief
- Infidelity
- Men's issues
- Mid-life crisis
- Parenting
- Pornography
- Spiritual issues
- Trauma and loss
- Trust

Perhaps you will b e able to come here, and afterward join thoughts with someone who wrote, "I feel VERY, VERY good about the outcome," and another who wrote, "I thank God for the ministry of Pathway."

I look forward to your call!